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The last few things I’ve written about were the best ways to avoid answering important, nagging questions. As always happens, somebody more experienced than me said it better. It helped me solidify what I was thinking: any form of escapism – including aimless travel, being overly critical, and everything in between - is easier than making hard choices in the present. This is why the damned in Dante’s “Inferno” can only see the future and have to ask the living for news: in life, they lived corruptly to escape the present moment, and so that is the law their spirits conformed to. After all, if you’re lying when you say you want to improve your life, it can always wait until tomorrow.

I don’t know that it applies to everyone, but I know that it’s important for me to figure out. Because it’s with me when I go into New York City for work each day and it’s with me when I go home to CT each night.

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