Guest Posts
by Alex Shippee in

Since I started writing on this blog in the Spring of 2010, I've had the opportunity to post on some other people's. They're mostly about social media, or digital marketing, but there's one or two about non-profits and entitlement as well.

Check them out if any of them interest you. I've left a short 2-3 sentence summary for each so you can get a feel for the post, even if you don't want to read the whole thing. Enjoy.

Fall 2011
Marketing Blogs: What Can We Learn from Them?
There are a million blog posts about marketing and they don't all deliver the same value as someone like Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Brian Clark, etc. The value for most of them, then, is allowing the authors to learn through writing when they weren't able to before.

Summer 2011
Saving the World: One Twitter Follower at a Time
One of the coolest thing about the Internet is that it basically eliminates distance as a barrier for communication. In this post, I talk about how that can help make all the difference for non-profits, artists, or anyone looking to grow an audience.
Managing a Digital Footprint 
This one's good. Basically, people and brands alike need to adjust to the fact that employers, customers, etc. are going to be Googling them and to take responsibility for that. But that doesn't mean sign up for things just because. That's stupid. Instead, use the ones that make sense and that you'll actually enjoy. Filter it down by those criteria and you'll save yourself a huge headache. Trust me.

Summer 2010
Social Media is a Funny Thing
I also wrote a follow up to this, and posted it on my blog, entitled Social Media: a Tool and Not a Place. When people tell you you need to have a "web presence," but aren't sure how to use the web to accomplish anything concrete, they're looking at it like a place. Avoid them.

Spring 2010
A Gen Yer's Take on Entitlement
After graduating, I contacted a woman I had meant through my PR teacher in an effort to get an interview at her company, Peppercom. She politely declined - I didn't have any agency experience at the time - but asked if I was interested in writing a guest post instead. This is the result - how any self-defeating sense of entitlement can be weathered down and overcome.