Hipsters, Luddites, and Hypocrites
by Alex Shippee in Labels: , , , , , , ,

Wherever there's a potential for hype or misunderstanding, a few different kind of people are always nearby - Hipsters, Luddites, and Hypocrites. It's the wide-spread attention that attracts and repels them in unique ways:

Hipsters - they shirk anything widely popular and congregate around the niche.

Luddites - they distrust advancements (particularly in technology) and downplay their capabilities.

Hypocrites - they celebrate the genuine benefits of something new while failing to execute it in their actions.

All three lifestyles feed on the momentum created by something new and exciting. It causes them to react in ways that have very real effects on how they impact (or don't impact) the world around them.

With Hipsters, it's easy to take everything they say with a grain of salt. Shying excessively away from the mainstream can lead them to the strange and impractical.

Luddites, in a similar way, aren't the most trustworthy either, but they can be a source of much needed skepticism. After all, in an increasingly technical culture, it can be easy to forget that it's ultimately people that facilitate change.

Hypocrites are above and beyond the worst. They have all the dressings of upright and competent people and will, appropriately, speak against the stupid ideas of charlatans and frauds. But when your back is turned, or they are in a room with only themselves, they will run immediately to the techniques of the people they claim to deplore. They're harder to spot, but their ugliness can be much farther reaching. Their flowery words and speeches disguise their inability to accomplish anything. It'll seep into your head and leave you in the same place as them - with nothing valuable except for baseless words.

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