Graduation and Tension
by Alex Shippee in Labels: , ,

I don’t know how it works at other schools, but Marist College has a week between the end of finals and graduation called ‘Senior Week.’ I woke up that first Saturday – my last final behind me by only 17 hours – and felt an uplifting sense of freedom. I went for a run across the Mid-Hudson Bridge; I traveled near Vassar to eat dumplings and drink bubble tea at an Asian/Argentinean restaurant; I cracked open a book I didn’t have time to read before; and I spent time with my friends playing kickball. It was fantastic.

Graduation has come and gone and, with it, so has that uplifting feeling of Senior Week. Now, I feel a sort of stress and tension. I’m in a state of transition for the first time where I don’t know the outcome. I might fail, I might succeed, or I might stagnate. But I don’t think it’s something I need to be truly afraid of. Robert Greene says, “You have nothing to fear from moments of transition. You welcome, even create them. Whenever you feel rooted and established in place, that is when you should be truly afraid.”

So I think this tension is a good thing. It will help push me in the right direction and keep me focused. In the end, I’ll only be in someplace new, not in some place worse.

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